Friday, July 31, 2009

The Farm

Over yonder, about 40 minutes east from our Seattle home, there's the land that grows our food. For 20 weeks we pick up our veggies from the farm. We see, feel and breathe the soil and labor that nourishes us. Our CSA membership is at Jubilee Biodynamic Farm in Carnation, WA.

Now, introducing the piglets. They are a major hit with all of us. Especially this week when it was a freak +104 degrees! We were alone with the pigs one morning and Farmer Erick hollered from his tractor, "Do the pigs need to be watered? There's a hose right there if you want to turn it on!" Oh and did we turn it on. I thought,
Now never having actually watered pigs, do I actually spray the pigs or just fill the water trough?"
I couldn't resist, I lifted the hose arching water into the air until it just lightly squirted the side of some pink piggy skin. They were already running toward us. Oh my! Have you ever seen a pig dance Wilbur style from Charlotte's Web? I'm talking squealing, vigorous-snout-in-the-mud-action, bounding-through-the-air, mud-puddle-flopping, craziness... Alita and I took turns with the hose until the pigs got bored and avoided us completely on the other side of the pen. After a while, my husband returned from U-picking in the fields. I said to Alita, Let's show Papa how we water the pigs. I acted all non-chalant, Honey watch her water them, it's cute. He sits down on a nearby bench thinking she'll just fill up their mud puddle. Not a few moments later are they charging towards the turned on hose. Alita, the pigs and I are squealing in delight and I hear Taho running from the bench, Let me try it! Oh the delight on his face, hose in hand as he sprayed those pigs. Pure hilarity for the humans and euphoria for the swine.

As you can see, this is the kind of thing that connects families with the nature of growing food.


  1. Hi there! I was one of the bloggers that met your husband on our recent trip to Seattle. What a nice man he was! We all commended his thoughtfulness in speaking so highly of his wife and her blog. Just wanted to stop by, say hello, and make your acquaintance.

    PS - You live in a beautiful part of the country.

  2. I'm the Seattle (well, Mill Creek and Whidbey) based contingent of the bloggers who are now streaming to your blog based on your sweet hubby's recommendation. I add my greetings, and props for a lovely blog. Your pictures and your daughter are beautiful. I know nothing about gardening and you'd probably be shocked at the amount of processed food in my house. :)But's nice to learn about our local community farmers and get some ideas for recipes and for veggies that I've never considered (or seen) before.