Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Favorites

Surprise! August is already here.
I'd like to list some summer favorites before it's over.

Flowers from our little patch of wildflowers and poppies fill our house

One seed packet planted last year has grown into a lot of blooms.
When it's up to Little Bean, she removes all the petals.

Perfect for making ice cubes!
Here is a complete table of edible flowers
so you know exactly what's safe for eating.

One of my favorites, nasturtium mac n cheese.
This pic of candied edible flowers from
5 Orange Potatoes looks like sweet floral fun.

For the upcoming heat this week:
make Molly's delicious popsicles and
freeze your kids toys in ice,
then give them various tools to excavate them
(we use toy hammers, screw drivers, spoons, forks and spray bottles.)

Enjoy the abundant sun.