Friday, January 28, 2011

A Down Comforter in the Sky

As we were driving east to the mountains on a dark January day, I was mesmerized by the cloud layer. It was like looking at a down comforter in the sky. The patterns created by the clouds were quilted and puffy going on for miles and miles. And that's exactly what it has felt like living in Seattle these last few weeks, like living under thick covers. So in order to beat the blues, we tried something new
bundled up the entire family for an afternoon on the slopes at the Summit
and gathered family for an indoor adventure at the REI Pinnacle.

Rock on Sister!

Then Mama promptly requested a potted spring bulb from the store and pulled the amaryllis out of hiding. Little Ita decided she would take matters into her own hands and dig up a bulb from the backyard. Atleast now, while we continue to live under the cozy clouds of winter, I have spring on my table... and so we wait.