Friday, June 17, 2011

The Jesus Thing

Her: "Mama, do you think my caterpillars are dead?"
Me: "Honey I have no idea what's going on in there. It's a miracle. Let's wait and see."
(In my mind, I think they are total goners. The chrysalises are turning from brown to black and the prospect of beautiful painted lady butterflies looks bleak.)
Peeking caterpillar and friend already in chrysalis

We've been watching them for a week, watching these caterpillars grow exponentially everyday. All of them will soon hang from the top of the jar and change into chrysalises

That's the way, but doesn't that one on the bottom look like it's in trouble?

Then there was yesterday, we sat on the couch and witnessed the last butterfly emerge from her chrysalis. This is a butterfly kit from the local drugstore from this site.
The amazing thing about watching something like metamorphosis take place before my very eyes, was how I lost all hope. Even though, we all know and have all been taught how it works, I thought, "This time it won't work. We messed it up somehow. Our caterpillars are broken." However that little voice inside me said, "But you know this is what happens, they look dead and then after a while butterflies, emerge." The non-believer voice said, "Yeah well not this time, sorry." My husband reminded me, it's the Jesus thing.

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