Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making Mud

It Must be Spring.
  • Little Ita is outside "making mud."
  • The rain comes down harder than ever.
  • The sun blasts out for a bit too.
  • It's 6 p.m. It's still light.
  • I'm more than delighted.
How do you know it's Spring?


  1. I eagerly await spotting the first few brave crocuses as a sign to the end of a long winter. They inspire hope that Spring is on it's way! Seems more like Seattle here today than ever... miss you guys!

  2. ah, mud, yummy!
    the daffodils we planted in the fall together are popping up, nearly ready to burst forth to add a little color to our gray days.
    and yes, afternoon trips to the park are more possible with longer days, hooray!