Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They definately look like dryer lint

Lately, our art projects have been of the paper and markers variety. In order to bring some more interesting crafting into our lives, but limit the mess. I decided to do one in the bath tub and I really love felting. I love the feeling of the roving in my hands. The roving I used for this project was like silky blue hair with pink highlights. I thought it was so pretty...

Our project was inspired by these fabulous felted pebbles. As well as this detailed tutorial.

So we collected some pebbles and got to work. with soap and water

We rubbed and rubbed the wool as it felted around the pebbles.
Then I prepared them for their washing machine and dryer treatment, using a produce bag and some hair ties.

I thought they were going to be so cool and modern and fun for some home decor until...
I realized they look just like glorified lint balls. They definitely need another layer of color added. More attention is needed indeed. However, my initial goal of spending time crafting with little ita was met and I loved that. If you're interested in exploring your own lint ball extraordinaire the materials are available locally and online!


  1. I've always wanted to try felting. It's all about the process anyway, right? At least that's what I tell myself when Logan is done after gluing one thing down :)

  2. Felting is my choice craft right now. It's so accessible for Alita and the results are often beautiful and indestructible.

  3. hi there! i'm rae, joy's co-teacher in avl. i found you via your comment on our interview at artful parent.

    we love felting! we do this a lot in class. the kids love it. it takes some stamina, but is such a fun process. my daughter and i made felted stones as her class valentines using pink, red, white, and grey roving. so fun! we also put some in a heart shaped glass bowl on our dining room table for that modern decor you speak of. ;)