Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holiday Thank You Cards

A simple and sweet way to show off my little one's artwork. She is really into painting and this was very satisfying for me too. I always want to use her abstract color studies for something. Now I'm honored to share these with family and friends.

You Need:
White cardstock
Colorful scrap paper
Glue stick
Painting tools: fork, comb, dull pencils

1. Let your child have it with paint on the colorful scrap paper. I limit it to one color at a time. Allow her to use tools to scrape off paint to show the paper color.

2. After the pieces have dried, cut them into rectangles that fit your cardstock.

3. Glue the paintings to the cardstock.

4. Press them in between wax paper. Place inside thick books stacked on top of each other overnight.

5. Mail to your loved ones!

1 comment:

  1. We love to display our beautiful Thank You card from our most creative auntie and cousin.