Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facing the Sun

I've seen a lot of this lately: Someone with their face pointed directly at the sun, eyes closed, soaking it up. Aah, yes, the sun has arrived in Seattle. There have been days full of beaming rays of warmth. For us, we head out of the condo and into our neighbor's yard. Last year, she kindly allowed me to dig up part of her lawn and plant a garden. We spend a lot of time on her porch, in her grass and on her deck. It's been really sweet of her to share it. She loves eating from the garden and we love the green space. This year, I'm planting a sunflower house for little Ita. I'm using 3 large pots since it will be in an unused driveway near the garden. We've gotten this far:

We soaked the seeds.

We admired the seeds.

We planted the seeds.Updates coming all summer. Directions on making a sunflower house
. . . and two beautiful books on the subject.

To be like the sun by Susan Marie Swanson, illustrated by Margaret Chodos-Irvine (a Seattle-based illustrator)

Sunflower house by Eve Bunting

Little Ita is getting really into her sunflowers. She watches them very carefully.

Today we thinned them by eating some of the super nutritious sprouts.


  1. Thanks for asking, they're growing well! Each about 12 in. tall with three tiers of leaves. However, in the end, we will have more of a sunflower tee pee.